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Workshop Material Previews

Training Philosophy

At Imprimus Forensic Services, our goal is to provide your personnel with training programs that will maximize their performance in the field. All of our programs are designed as hands-on workshops. These are comprehensive competency-based workshops where skills are honed through focused training. This training has been developed around a careful task analysis of incident scene processing functions and all sessions have been designed to compliment and reinforce one another.

Crime Scene Classes Previews

Biological & Trace Evidence

3 Day Program

Biological and trace evidence is easily overlooked, contaminated or destroyed. This session provides the student with the knowledge and skills necessary to locate and preserve these types of fragile evidence. Students will be introduced to various chemical and non-destructive techniques to utilize during scene exams. Stressed as part of the course material covered, will be procedures to use in the safe handling and storage of biological evidence. Information on the latest in DNA technology and how DNA evidence can best be utilized in criminal investigations is also provided.

Burglary Investigations: Physical Evidence

1 Day Program

The most prolific serial criminal that any community will face is the burglary offender. Driven by drugs, gambling debts or just day-to-day survival, a single individual will victimize a community until caught. The successful prosecution of just one offender can have dramatic results on a crime rate. This one-day interactive training session is designed for any investigator assigned to burglary investigations either as a crime scene technician processing a scene or as the primary follow-up investigator. This interactive session includes both lecture and hands-on demonstrations.

Fingerprint Development & Recovery Techniques

3 Day Program

This is an intermediate level workshop designed to increase the effectiveness of the crime scene examiner or evidence technician in locating, documenting and recovering latent print evidence. Topics addressed include the history and physiology of fingerprints, scene examination techniques and documentation and recovery procedures including close-up and 1:1 photography of developed prints. Students work with a variety of processing techniques that include conventional and fluorescent powders, superglue fuming and chemical enhancement.

Footwear and Tire Track Evidence 

3 Day Program

The importance of footwear and tire track evidence located at a crime scene is emphasized. Classroom work includes preservation, documentation and collection techniques of both two and three dimensional impressions. Techniques presented include diagramming, casting, use of conventional and chemical development processes, electrostatic lifting and photography.

Incident Scene Videography

2 Day Program

This session is a must for any agency utilizing or planning to utilize video tape for the documentation of crime scenes. The focus is on developing the student's skills as a videographer so that they can produce quality videotape footage that will be acceptable for use in court. Other material covered includes the selection of appropriate equipment, storage of electronic media, and legal issues surrounding video usage.

Photography / Basic Evidence & Crime Scene

3 Day Program

All photography sessions are developed for the client based on the photography equipment that the client uses on a day to day basis. Basic Evidence & Crime Scene Photography presents detailed instruction in fundamental photographic principles and exposure to useful photographic accessories. Students are introduced to the approach and basic techniques used in documenting incident scenes. They complete a series of photographic exercises, and once developed, their finished work will be individually evaluated with additional time taken to help the student correct any deficiencies.

Photography / Advanced Evidence & Crime Scene

3 Day Program

This program takes the student beyond the techniques learned in the basic workshop. Topics covered include macro and close-up photography; oblique lighting techniques; multiple flash photography and photographic filter usage. Specialized shooting situations such as time exposure, multiple flash photos, bloodstain pattern documentation and panoramic photography are covered in this program. The photographic work of each student is evaluated on an individual basis.

Completion of Basic Evidence & Crime Scene Photography is required for enrollment in this advanced program.

Scene Sketching & Diagramming

3 Day Program

The techniques used in collecting the information needed in preparing crime scene diagrams are reviewed and discussed. Students learn basic drawing skills that will allow them to work through crime scene diagrams - from field sketches to finished drawings.

Writing Effective Evidence Reports

2 Day Program

Students develop written communication skills to prepare reports that are logical, concise and accurate. Students will be given exercises requiring them to complete brief written reports which will then be evaluated.


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