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Comprehensive Crime Scene, Evidence & Forensic Training Classes

At Imprimus Forensic Services, our goal is to provide your personnel with training programs that will maximize their performance in the field. All of our programs are designed as hands-on workshops. These are comprehensive competency-based workshops where skills are honed through focused training. This training has been developed around a careful task analysis of incident scene processing functions and all sessions have been designed to compliment and reinforce one another.

Our experienced instructors bring an extensive array of forensic training equipment and practical scenarios into the classroom, Exposing students to the latest technologies and newest ideas.

We have a variety of options available to help meet your training needs. Brief descriptions of all our programs can be found on the Workshop Descriptions page. There you will find links to detailed program descriptions. Previews of workshop materials can be found on the individual workshop pages.

Scheduled Workshops

The easiest way to participate in our programs is to enroll in a scheduled workshop. We offer a variety of forensic and crime scene training opportunities in a number of states.

Who May Enroll?

Because these are professional level development programs, enrollment is only open to police officers, crime scene technicians, firefighters, fire investigators, licensed private investigators, insurance company investigators, attorneys and other professionals with a bona-fide need to attend these programs. We will also accept applications from school teachers who have or are looking at implementing a forensics program as part of their science curriculum. Our programs are not open to the general public. If you have a question about your eligibility to attend, please call us.

For a list of scheduled programs, please go to the Training Calendar.

Agency Specific

For larger agencies, we can provide in-house training for you personnel that has been tailored to meet your specific needs. These sessions can be run on an as-needed basis or scheduled as a structured continuing in-service program run over a period of time. An excellent starting point for this type of training is our Forensic Skills Survey. This survey provides a profile of strengths and weaknesses in your current forensic program and identifies areas where training is most needed.

Because this training is different for every agency, we ask that you call us for more information.

P.O. Box 1532 Arlington Heights, IL 60006 | Phone: 847.804.8420 | Fax: 847.439.7442

Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board Provider #5000-56

U.S. Government Registered Contractor DUNS# 090683520


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