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Target Your Specific Forensic Training Needs

Our Forensic Skills Survey is an excellent way to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your crime scene personnel. The Skills Survey is an anonymous testing process that looks at a variety of forensic crime scene skills. The test results can be used to help identify where your personnel need training the most. This helps your agency plan a professional development program - and helps your personnel understand where they need to focus their educational efforts.

The Forensic Skills Survey can be used in several ways.

  • Identify which personnel are most in need of training
  • Identify which scheduled Imprimus workshops would provide the greatest return to your agency
  • Develop an in-service training program tailored to meet your agency's needs

The cost of this program varies depending on the number of personnel tested. We will deduct the total cost of the survey from the final cost of any structured in-service training program that we prepare for your agency. Please call us for a quote.

Sample Skills Survey

Click here to view a sample Forensic Skills Survey.


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