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Welcome to the Forensic Bookstore!

Our bookstore contains books and other support materials on a variety of topics related to forensics, criminal evidence, crime scenes, criminalistics and criminal investigations. We have books for the forensic scientist, crime scene investigator, evidence technician and arson investigator. If you have comments, reviews or want to recommend additional items, please e-mail us with your suggestions.  Click on the book or title to purchase or to obtain more information.  Our bookstore is brought to you in association with

Bio & Chem Hazards
Bloodstain Pattern
Bomb & Fire
Crime Scene
Criminal Investigations
Criminal Law
Criminal Profiling
Death Investigation
DNA Analysis
Document Examination
Expert Witness
Forensic Art
Forensic Nursing
Forensic Pathology
General Forensics
Medical Reference
NIJ Publications
Report Writing
Sex Crimes
Trace Evidence
Underwater Investigations

Crime Scene Forensics in the Classroom      

Forensic crime scene investigation applied in a classroom setting, is an innovative and exciting way to teach scientific principles.  The bookshelf below contains several useful resources for teachers. Click here for more information about our Crime Scenes in the Classroom forensic training workshop for science teachers.

Classroom Forensics
Inquiry Learning

Diagramming Software for Crime Scenes -
SmartDraw Legal Edition

The SmartDraw Legal Edition delivers virtually unlimited benefits to police officers, detectives, investigators, and other law enforcement professionals. Accident reconstructions, forensic diagrams, and crime scenes are a snap to create, print, and share, as are the timelines, org charts, and floor plans critical to law enforcement professionals.

The information and free trial opportunity for SmartDraw Legal Edition software is brought to you in association with Imprimus Forensic Services uses SmartDraw software and we have found it to be an excellent tool for preparing various charts, diagrams and illustrations.

Click for crime scene screenshot.

Click for accident scene screenshot.

Click for a White Paper - "How Graphics Can Make the Case"

Click here to download a free trial version of SmartDraw Legal Edition Software.

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