2 Week Crime Scene Training School

Regarded as the finest evidence technician training program of its type in the Midwest, this school is widely attended by individuals from local, state and federal agencies. Our comprehensive two-week program provides your personnel with a solid forensic foundation, giving them the confidence to work effectively in the field.

Instructors of the various modules presented over this two week period, bring with them the perspectives of both the laboratory expert and the experienced crime scene investigator.

The areas covered are wide-ranging and will provide the student with an excellent understanding of forensic science, criminalistics and the role of the crime scene investigator and evidence technician in criminal investigations. Topics include criminal and case law regarding crime scene investigations, fingerprint processing, diagramming, photography, impression evidence, biological evidence, trace evidence and specific types of crime scenes like burglary, robbery, death investigations, sexual assault, fire and crash investigations.

For Illinois agencies, this two-week evidence technician training program is approved and certified by the Illinois Training Standards Board.

Henry Lee's Crime Scene Handbook is used as a text and is supplemented by our comprehensive Student Guide.

Forensic Book
Student Guide Cover Topical Outline

Program Benefits

This program utilizes a hands-on/cooperative learning group method of instruction that has been proven to help students retain a much higher percentage of the information presented.

The student's learning experience is further enhanced by

  • Instructors with extensive experience in investigating day-to-day street level crimes.
  • Exposure to the latest techniques and forensic practices.
  • An extensive array of tools and equipment brought to the classroom for the student's use.
  • Focus on Photography - Students work through a number of photo exercises with their photos being printed and returned to them for immediate review.
  • Critique and Review - Small class sizes allow the instructors time to go over the student's work and suggest methods of improvement.

Class Locations

In Illinois, the program is run twice per year. In the spring, generally at the end of February and beginning of March, on the campus of the College of Lake County in Grayslake, Illinois. And in the fall, typically during the last two weeks of September, on the campus of the Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Training Academy (NIPSTA) in Glenview, Illinois.

Currently, this program is offered only in Illinois. Please see our Training Calendar for upcoming dates and locations. It is run through the Criminal Justice Institute at the College of Lake County, Illinois. Those interested in registering should contact the Criminal Justice Institute office at 847-543-2026.

Required Equipment

Students need to bring a camera (35mm or digital), flash and a tripod. All other materials are provided however students can bring any evidence collection equipment that they work with at their own agency.

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