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Film to Digital Transition \ Evidence Photography

1 Day Workshop

Workshop Summary

Many agencies are making the change from film to digital cameras. There are significant differences between these two mediums and your personnel must understand what they are. Digital cameras have many more features and control functions than film. Camera users that access and change menu settings without understanding the implications of those changes can negatively impact the photos of subsequent users.

This one-day workshop is customized for the equipment you are using and is designed to help your personnel make the switch. We will show them how to properly apply digital photography in a forensic environment. We also cover in detail, the operation and care of the camera.

Topics covered include:

  • General Orientation to Camera Controls
  • Detailed Explanation of Menu Settings
  • Recommended Settings for Forensic Photography
  • Proper Lens Selection
  • Camera Care and Maintenance
  • Auxiliary Equipment & Supplies
  • Review of Basic Scene Photography Techniques
  • Establishing a Digital Imaging SOP
  • Crime Lab Requirements for Digital Image Submissions
  • Presentation and Acceptance of Digital Images in Court

Required Equipment

This program is designed to be run in-house and customized for the requesting agency's equipment. We recommend that you have at least one camera available for every two students. If there is a neighboring agency that has the same equipment, we can include them in the program. In some instances, Imprimus may be able to provide additional cameras.

Please call us for pricing information.

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