The RICP's are a national network of 27 regional institutes across the country and are supported by funds from the U.S. Department of Community Oriented Policing Services. The RICP's provide community policing training and technical assistance to police agencies, community governments, community residents, social agencies and private sector representatives throughout the country.

This crime scene investigation program is intended for law enforcement personnel and is meant to help all officers understand the important role that deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) evidence plays in criminal investigations. It is funded through the U.S. department of Justice and is designed to be delivered as a one day (8 hour) training session.

The overall goal of the program is to give law enforcement and other criminal justice professionals the information they need concerning the collection and usage of DNA evidence so that critical pieces of evidence will be collected, fewer cases will be jeopardized by the mishandling of evidence, and more cases will be solved by the proper use of this technology. This information will enhance their ability to make sound, DNA evidence collection decisions. This program will create a context in which evidence identification, collection, transportation, storage and usage can be applied to scenario-based situations. Participants will have the opportunity to apply newly acquired knowledge by working in crime scene simulation exercises.

Imprimus Forensic Services, LLC is an approved training partner for this important crime scene training program.

Scheduling Training

This program is available as requested by interested agencies. The enrollment minimum is 10 and maximum is 30 persons per session. To schedule this training, please contact our office at 847-804-8420 or e-mail us at

About the Illinois Regional Institute for Community Policing

The Regional Institute for Community Policing at the University of Illinois provides training and technical assistance to Illinois in all aspects of community policing. The Institute publishes a monthly newsletter, "The Communicator," which is mailed to over 1500 groups and communities statewide. In partnership with the Illinois Violence Prevention Authority, the Institute has awarded over $300,000 in community policing mini grants. The RICP maintains the "Imagine" database of problems and solutions submitted by community policing practitioners.

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Institute for Public Safety Partnerships
at the University of Illinois at Chicago
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