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Scene Sketching & Diagramming

3 Day Workshop

Workshop Summary

Sketching and diagramming are techniques that were used long before photography to document evidence and conditions at a crime scene. Today, scene sketching and diagramming are still important components of the scene documentation process. They supplement photography, aid greatly in the presentation of evidence in court and in many instances are crucial to proper crime or accident scene reconstruction.

This three day workshop is designed to take the student from a basic to an intermediate level of drawing skill. The workshop begins with simple field sketches and progresses to finished drawings using tools that are inexpensive and easily available to any agency.

Areas of instruction include:

  • Indoor & Outdoor Scenes
  • Completing Field or Rough Sketches
  • Completing Finished Diagrams
  • Completing Scale Diagrams
  • Measuring Devices - Mechanical & Electronic
  • Basic Drafting Skills
  • Standard Symbols and Layout Techniques
  • Diagrams as Demonstrative Evidence
  • Courtroom Presentation
  • Introduction to Software Based Drawing Programs

Required Equipment

Students will need to bring a camera, either film or digital.

Power Point Preview

Preview PowerPoint Student Guide

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